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Camping Table Buying Guide

The Ultimate Buying Guide for Camping Table

We are living in a world where peace of mind and tranquility are worth more than anything, and thus, the need to reconnect with nature is growing exponentially. Camping and other outdoor sports are unquestionably gaining popularity worldwide, as it gives the much needed time from the busy life and the lifeless lifestyle.

In all camping trips, people choose to be comfortable and choose equipment that provides them that comfort and ease of usage. One of those is the Camping table, which if selected correctly, can choose to be your perfect comrade for all camping tours. It does not just provide a stable surface for board games, but also gives enough space for cooking and serving food to all campers at once. We, in this blog, have tried covering all the facts and figures that can help you choose the perfect camping table according to your preferences. Keep this guide handy and be sure to select the best camping table available in the market.

Types of Camping Tables

When it comes to camping tables, the internet is filled with infinite options, such as folding tables, roll-up tables, and portable tables. This section mentions the different tables, along with their pros and cons. Be very careful while going through this part, as it will help you select the best camping table for you!

  1. Height Adjustable Tables:
    These tables are present with the ability to adjust the height according to the preferences of the users. Constructed with an innovative foldable design, the campers can easily fit these compact tables in small spaces when not in use.
    Its multiple height attainment properties make it suitable for use as a Study table, Laptop table, game table, reading table, and other Indoor activities. 
  2. Multipurpose Table with Aluminium Chair Set:
    These table sets are present along with a set of 4 sturdy chairs, supporting evenly distributed weights up to 100 kilograms. They build the tables and chairs with innovative foldable designs, which help in easy assembly and storage, whether feasible with the campers. The chairs along with the table are quite compact, lightweight, and portable, allowing campers to relax and enjoy nature in peace!
    The chair set provided on the table not just provides comfort to the campers, but also protects them from sitting on the ground during rainy and highly sunny weather.
  3. Multipurpose Table with Matt Chair Set
    These tables, too, come with a set of 4 matt chairs, supporting evenly distributed weights up to 100 kilograms at once. The matt Cushioning helps the campers attain comfort and support for the campers’ back and legs.
    It made these matt chairs last for a long time, along with portability and ease of use for campers for a very long time. They are extremely easy to clean and fold up for easy maneuvering, even for longer distances!

Size and Capacity

As we present the table set with different specifications, the size and capacity of each one of them differ. In this section, we’ll be discussing the various size and capacity options, and ways to determine the right size and weight capacity for your needs.

  • Height Adjustable Tables:
    The 4 feet-folding Picnic table’s open size length approximately equals 48 inches, the breadth being 24 inches, and the height ranges from 22 inches to 28 inches, giving a choice to the user.
    One of the best parts is that no assembly is required, and campers can set the entire table up with just an easy open & fold mechanism. Being extremely easy to store, campers can carry these tables with a carry handle at the top.
  • Multipurpose Table with Aluminium Chair Set
    The 4 feet-folding Picnic table’s extended size is length approximately 48 inches, the breadth is 60 inches, and the height is adjustable from 55 inches to 70 inches. The adjustable chair has dimensions of a length of approximately 11.5 inches, a breadth being 13 inches, and a height of 14 inches.
    When it comes to weight capacity, these chairs can support up to 100Kg weights evenly distributed at once.
  • Multipurpose Table with Matt Chair Set
    The 4 feet-folding Picnic table’s extended size is length approximately 48 inches, the breadth is 24 inches, and the height is adjustable from 22 inches to 28 inches. The adjustable chair has dimensions of a length of approximately 11 inches, a breadth being 13 inches, and a height of 13 inches.


As camping tables are a one-time investment, the material should be one of the prime considerations. Campers get a lot of options ranging from Engineered wood and aluminum. The material should be rust-resistant and should be weatherproof! Campers should carefully choose these materials to ensure the durability and strength of the table and chair set.

Features and Accessories

Camping tables can come with a range of features and accessories, which gives a variety of options to campers all across the globe. Some of the features along with its usage are:

Adjustable Height:
Allows the user to select the height of the table, according to user requirements. This feature helps the user to store the table in compact spaces, along with using it for multiple functions, all at once!

Campers select tables and chairs with stain resistance to protect their peaceful camping trip from potential stains caused by spilled drinks. Hence, selecting table and chair tops with stain-resistant materials is very crucial for “worry-free” camping. 

Campers can fold and assemble the table and chair set in no time. Hence, one must make a proper choice to select a table and chair set that can be stored efficiently when not in use.

Anti-slip steel platform:
The anti-slip platform of tables helps in the easy storage of food items, without the risk of spillage or fall. Hence, this feature too should be considered before deciding on your camping table.

The construction of these camping tables from Engineered wood and Aluminium helps in increasing their durability and strength of these camping tables. We should always keep these features in mind before making such a lump-sum investment!

Ease of maintenance:

The material chosen should be easy to clean, rust-free, and weatherproof. The table and chair set should be easy to assemble and fold.

Storage compartments:

This property is generally ignored, but campers should not underestimate the importance of storage compartments. These compartments help in the easy assembly of all the materials used for camping, in addition to providing a clean and aesthetic appearance to your camping table.


Good, easy to maintain, and durable camping tables can range in price from 7000 INR to 11,000 INR. This range can vary according to the various features and properties of these camping tables.


Campers worldwide are well aware of the significance of a quality camping table. Setting up a camping table can greatly enhance your camping experience if you are going to a camp or joining a group of campers.

Camping tables come in a variety of sizes and are lightweight, portable, and customizable to meet a variety of requirements. However, outdoor sports involve uncertainty, so extreme caution is required. Some of the natural disasters that must be prepared for in advance include swaying winds, unexpected rain, and thunderstorms. Therefore, it is always a good idea to select a table that is both waterproof and resistant to rust. 

Budget, portability, multi-purpose function, stability, and dimensions are some of the qualities of a good camping table that the user must always ensure before investing in one. This ensures that they can easily transport the tables with campers.

Corvids offer a one-stop solution to all of these issues, so the volume of information won’t overwhelm you. Visit our website today, experience the range of camping tables, and get ready for your next camping escapade.

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