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Get FLAT 10% OFF | Use Code WELCOME10 | Only For Prepaid Orders
Stair Climbing Hand Truck: Take Your Moving Experience to the Next Level

Stair Climbing Hand Truck: Take Your Moving Experience to the Next Level

As exciting as it is, moving and packing seem to be a lot of work, especially when you need to move in or move out from apartments that are not on ground floors. Moving can be tough and tedious, and we tend to rely on multiple people, creating multiple boxes and taking multiple rounds to and fro both apartments.

If you are a student or need to change your city frequently, we are very sure that you are resonating with the issue the most.

Well, you may be relieved to know that you are not alone in this never-ending loop of shifting houses, and worrying about hiring movers and packers to move our luggage efficiently.

To our rescue comes the Stair Climbing Hand Truck specially designed to revolutionize the way you move your luggage across different floors.

Heavy Duty Hand Trolley or Stair Climbing Hand Truck is a tool designed to make life easier by helping you move heavy items up and down stairs. The revolutionary design and multiple unique features allow it to navigate staircases with ease, involving a set of wheels that rotate to climb up and down steps, and a set of stabilizing wheels to keep the load level and steady.

Come on with us, on a journey, where we will be discussing heavy-duty hand trolleys in detail, helping you understand the pro and cons and choosing the Best hand truck online.

Stay tuned till the end, when we will be suggesting some of the best Lightweight stair-climbing hand trucks available in the Indian Market.

Advantages of choosing a Stair Climbing Hand Truck

Saving time and energy

Instead of hiring laborers or doing the heavy shifting process by yourself, make the Portable Hand Truck do the job for you! This not just saves time, but is an energy-efficient and easier way to transport those heavy loads!  

Reduces risk of injury: 

Carrying heavy items up and down stairs, that too, for multiple boxes can be challenging as well as dangerous tasks, making you prone to accidents. Even if done properly, the stress and strain on the muscles cost a fortune in physiotherapy treatment. The much easier as well as reliable option to avoid such injuries is the proper usage of a Metal Platform Trolley to do all the laborious work. 

Prioritize efficient work over anything and everything:

In the fast-paced world, transporting multiple boxes and taking multiple rounds is a waste of your time. You can tackle this problem by using a Durable Hand Truck, which enables you to move multiple boxes at once and make the entire process more efficient and less time-consuming.


If you are a mover-packer company owner, a student, or anyone who requires constant shifting of locations, using a stair-climbing truck can help you save a fortune in the long run. Using a folding hand truck can prove to be a wise one time investment for people constantly requiring to move. It does not just surpass the need to hire additional labor or rent specialized equipment. 

Points to consider before purchasing your hand truck for stairs

Weight Capacity

This is one of the prime considerations before making your decision on the purchase of a Heavy Duty Hand Trolley. Users should ensure that the hand truck can handle the weight of the items they will be moving, as excess weight can lead to injury to the user and damage to the hand truck. Hence, it becomes extremely essential to consider the maximum weight capacity of the Stair Climbing Hand Truck.

Size and Weight of the Hand Truck

As the luggage is already heavy, you would not like to lift the load of the Stair Climbing Hand Truck. Hence, the size and weight of the Heavy Duty Hand Trolley also become a critical parameter to look for. Users should focus on selecting a Hand Trolley that is easy to maneuver and lightweight. 


They constructed these hand truck trolleys with high-quality metals like aluminum, allowing them to withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. One should always keep these features in mind before making such a lump-sum investment!


Another essential factor to consider when selecting a hand truck for stairs is maneuverability. You want to choose a hand truck that is easy to move up and down stairs, and that can easily navigate tight spaces. Hand trucks with gigantic wheels and adjustable handles can make the transportation of heavy items up and down stairs much easier.

Ease of maintenance

The material chosen should be easy to clean, rust-free, and weatherproof. The Stair Climbing Hand Truck set should be easy to assemble and fold.


A high-quality hand truck need not be very expensive. Careful consideration of the budget is therefore very essential before making such investments. Good quality, easy to maintain, and durable hand truck can range in price from 5000 INR to 7000 INR. 

Best stair climbing hand truck in India

In today’s world, where everything is available online and the human race is spoiled for choice, choosing the product that best fits you become extremely important. Corvids are one of these brands that provides products with a warranty for a few years, fulfills all orders according to user requirements, and is one of the industry’s fastest-growing service providers.

Corvids are ready to revolutionize mobility once and for all with a dedicated team that is committed to providing ladders, chairs, tables, and casters of high quality and versatility!

Constructed from high-quality, lightweight aluminum, an ergonomic design gives it an edge over all the portable hand trucks available in the market. Corvids chose the manufacturing material, especially to impart durability in all weather conditions, ensuring the long life of our folding metal hand truck. 

Corvids offer two varieties of the Stair Climbing Hand Truck, one allowing 75 kilograms of weight, whereas the other can lift the weight to 150 kilograms at once.

The manufacturers constructed the stair-climbing cart wheels with high-quality TPR wheels offering smooth rolling and “no noise” while in use. Easy to use, foot-operated one-second open and fold bottom plate and wheels give this an edge over other Heavy Duty Hand Trolleys, making it perfect for moving bulky, large, heavy loads!

As Corvids go above and beyond, to ensure the highest quality product delivery!

Take Away

Moving and packing are essential parts of everyone’s life, and they made this effortless with the hand truck. Whether you are the owner of packers and movers, a student, or someone who needs a lot of shifting for their jobs, the hassle of shifting your goods reduces to halt!

We should always select an adjustable hand truck that is both waterproof and resistant to rust, since we need to store these hand trucks for years to come. 

Budget, portability, multi-purpose function, stability, and dimensions are some of the qualities of a good Heavy Duty Hand Trolley that the user must always ensure before investing in one. 

Corvids offer a one-stop solution to all of these issues, so the volume of information won’t overwhelm you. Visit our website today, experience the range of Stair Climbing Hand Trucks, and get sorted for your packing and moving task.

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