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About Us

We “Corvids India'' also referred to as Corvids, was established in 2018. We intend on supplying a precise-direction collection of industrial and home improvement products. It's an eCommerce Retail industry that aims to deliver the finest-class products at the best price in India. We are among the utmost suppliers of Aluminum Ladders, Folding Tables & Chairs, Material Handling Equipment, etc.

Our tremendous variety of products involves an aluminium telescopic ladder, folding aluminium ladders, folding hand trolleys, folding tables & chairs, Planters & Washer stands and caster wheels.


Our products are not only the finest in quality but are also light in weight and portable, which makes them easy to carry. With a deluxe choice of equipment ranging from aluminium ladders, platform trolleys, and hand trucks to castor wheels, folding tables and chairs, We appreciate the worth of durability and safety in industrial and home improvement equipment. We provide the finest creations that fit your expectations.  We aspire to offer products that are elegant, operative, durable, and well-built.

We have instantly appeared as the foremost supplier in the industry. We feel honoured in our extensive network of over 100 authorised dealers, and distributing our products all across India. We precisely source our products from prestigious industrialists who share our standards.

These products are manufactured using premium aluminium and elite technology. With the support of refined equipment and trained operatives, we conclude our work excellently according to schedule. Corvids continues to upskill its employees and operate monitoring systems while practising upright and transparent management. We are devoted to talent and technology to create superior products and services that contribute to a better working environment. 

For Us, Customer experience is our foremost concern. We aspire to provide effortless and user-friendly websites such as Amazon, where we are delighted to be listed as one of the best sellers. Our determined customer services are always available to facilitate you with any inquiries you may have, confirming that your requirements are treated expeditiously and professionally. At Corvids, We believe in endowing a systematised variety of the finest products. Our specialists select each item from the foremost manufacturers, confirming that merely best makes it into our catalogue.

We offer aluminium telescopic ladders, step ladders, single-finger protected telescopic ladders, multi-purpose ladders, and other ladder variants, allowing customers to find the right ladder for their specific requirements. 

To achieve this, Corvids India sets a high value on its people and technologies. We appreciate convenient payment modalities and on-time delivery. We are aspiring to look right at one of the most ethical companies In India.

Our Mission

Corvids values are to Provide High-Quality Products that meet industry standards. We aim to provide durable and reliable products that customers can trust for their safety and functionality. Through this mission statement, we would like you to know that Corvids India emphasises being a cost-effective and enhancing safety product as safety is an essential feature when it comes to ladders. We aim to provide multiple choices of ladder types, sizes, and configurations according to the needs of our customers. 

Our Vision 

Our vision is to be a global leader in our industry, renowned for our Product Quality. We make every effort to deliver the most value to our customers. We are devoted to talent and technology to create superior products and services that contribute to a better working environment. Our drive is to attract top facilities, participate in the development of our country, and promote an optimistic atmosphere. We foresee a future with an eco-friendly and prosperous world.


Why us?

We understand your needs, we provide modern and fittest products for our customers. We value your money, we aim to provide our customers best quality products at a reasonable price. We respect your necessities, we deliver on time, meet deadlines, and maintain data privacy and security. We care for our environment, promote our workers' health and safety, support local communities, and ensure responsible sourcing of raw materials. We assure our customers that our products are durable and corrosive resistant. 


We prioritise ethical business practices and consider acceptable conditions of work, employee prosperity, and community participation. We enforce eco-friendly manufacturing processes and consume sustainable energy sources. We prioritise responsible sourcing of raw materials. We obtain certification ISO 9001:2015 (quality management), validating our commitment to sustainability and quality standards.

Our values

We assure the safety of our clients and instruct our customers on our product safety and conventional usage. Clear guidance and caution tags are provided with each product, and systematic excellence inspections are performed to maintain product integrity. 

At corvids, the well-being of employees is prioritised. We provide workplace safety, decent wages, and advantages. We continue to upskill our employees by conducting employee training programs to enhance their skills and career.

Corvids maintains high ethical principles in our business dealings, explicitness, upright opposition, and compliance with the regulatory framework

We differ 

What makes us unique from the rest is our determined target of customer service. We understand that teleshopping can at times be impersonal, as a consequence, it's our priority to offer personalised concerns to each client. With the help of our approachable and well-informed team, We are consistently available to assist our customers.

Thank you for preferring Corvids India. We anticipate serving you and equipping you with an outstanding teleshopping experience. In case of any queries, please feel at ease to contact us.

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