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Hand Truck

Revolutionise Moving Heavy-Load Hand Trucks

We have used hand trucks for time immemorial for lifting and shifting heavy loads all across the globe. These Folding Hand trucks make it effortless for people to move and pack items of daily life, and to even shift entire houses.

However, most of these Heavy Duty Hand trolleys are extremely difficult to manoeuvre and handle, owing to their limited capacity, the inability to move on uneven terrains, and their fragility.

Stay till the end of this blog, with us, as we will be discussing some of the pros and cons, some use cases, and some of the best options available online.

Advantages of choosing a Stair Climbing Hand Truck:


Portability is foremost when it comes to transporting luggage. Moving heavy items like boxes, furniture, and gardening supplies can be done with these portable trolleys in almost every place, be it a home, office, warehouse, or even a garden.  


Buying a Heavy Duty Hand Trolley is a one time investment, hence it is extremely essential to select pieces of equipment that are sturdy and durable. Constructed with aluminium and metals, these hand trolleys ensure strength and durability for years to come!

Easy Maintenance

While it comes to hand trucks, the ability to clean easily is one of the most important characteristics to look for! It not just helps in easy setup but allows the users to carry the tables to multiple locations during camping.


A Folding Hand Truck enables you to move multiple boxes at once and makes the entire process more efficient and less time-consuming.


Using a Heavy Duty Hand Trolley can prove to be a wise one time investment for people constantly requiring to move and shift. It does not just surpass the need to hire additional labour or rent specialised equipment. 

Use cases of Heavy Duty Hand Trolley in Daily Life

The frequent need to move heavy objects from one location to another in our day-to-day lives has made the use of Folding Hand Trucks extremely vital. We constantly need to Move boxes and furniture to be transported physically, for shifting purposes. In this blog, we will investigate the requirement for a hand truck in our day-to-day routines.

Shifting Houses

Whether it is shiting houses, transporting goods from one place to another, or moving boxes, furniture, and other heavy items quickly and safely with a hand truck. 

Logistics and delivery

Hand trucks come in handy when it comes to transporting equipment and products safely across a warehouse, whether it is boxes or vehicles. This Heavy Duty Hand Trolley makes it easier to load and unload trucks, along with helping to store items in a warehouse.

Cultivating and Finishing 

Farming, gardening, as refreshing and soothing as it appears, involves a lot of hard work in moving heavy bags of soil, mulch, and other materials. You can use a hand truck for easy transportation of these, saving a lot of time and effort.

Construction/ Remodelling Houses

Transporting bricks, cement, and gravel can be done with the assistance of a hand truck, making your project easier to manage.

Waste Management 

These Folding Hand trucks can be used to move trash cans or heavy trash bags from one location to another, helping in an easier cleaning process.

Points to Consider Before Purchasing Hand Truck

Weight Capacity

Before making a purchase decision regarding a heavy-duty hand trolley, this is one of the most important factors to take into account. Because excessive weight can cause injury to the user and damage to the hand truck, users should make sure that the Folding Hand Truck can carry the weight of the items they are moving. As a result, taking into account the Portable Hand Truck’s maximum weight capacity becomes extremely important.

Dimensions and Weight Capacity

You would prefer not to lift the load of the stair climbing hand truck because the luggage is already heavy. As a result, the Metal Hand Truck’s weight and size become essential considerations. Users ought to concentrate on selecting a Hand Truck that is lightweight and simple to manoeuvre.


They used high-quality metals like aluminium to build these Material Handling Trolleys, making them able to withstand frequent use. One ought to remember these elements continuously before making such a singular amount of speculation!


When choosing a folding hand truck for stairs, manoeuvrability is an additional important factor to take into consideration. You should select a hand truck that is simple to manoeuvre up and down stairs and through tight spaces. Heavy Duty Hand Trolleys with Adjustable Handles can make it much easier to move heavy items up and down stairs.

Maintenance Ease

The chosen material ought to be weatherproof, rust-free, and simple to clean. Folding and putting together the Stair Climbing Hand Truck set ought to be simple.


A good hand truck doesn’t have to be very expensive. Before making such investments, careful budgeting is therefore necessary. Camping tables that are durable, easy to clean, and of good quality can cost anywhere from 4,000 INR to 6,000 INR.

Where to Find the Best Hand Truck Trolley India

It is extremely important for people to choose the right hand truck for stair climbing in India. Corvids, is one of the fastest-growing service providers in the industry, offers products with a few-year warranty, fulfils all orders in accordance with user requirements, and is one of these brands.

With a dedicated team that is committed to providing ladders, chairs, tables, and casters of high quality and versatility, Corvids are prepared to revolutionise mobility once and for all!

With its ergonomic design and high-quality, lightweight aluminium construction, it outperforms all portable hand trucks on the market. These hand trucks will last a long time because corvids chose the manufacturing material for its durability in all weather conditions.

There are two versions of the Hand Truck available from Corvids: one can lift 75 kilograms at once and the other can lift 150 kilograms at once.

The Takeaway 

Packing and moving are necessary aspects of every person’s life, and the hand truck made this process simple. The hassle of moving your belongings comes to an end, no matter if you own packers and movers, are a student, or need a lot of moving for your job!

We ought to choose a movable hand truck continuously that is both waterproof and impervious to rust since you want to store these hand trucks long into the future.

Before making an investment in a quality Heavy Duty Hand Trolley, the user must always ensure that it meets certain requirements, including affordability, portability, versatility, stability, and dimensions.

Corvids provide a one-stop solution to all of these problems, so the amount of information won’t overwhelm you. Check out our website right now to see our selection of Stair Climbing Hand Trucks and get organised for your packing and moving project.

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