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Telescopic ladder do's and don'ts

Aluminium Telescopic Ladder -Do's & Don'ts

Aluminium Telescopic Ladder is a fantastic inclusion for your household. This Collapsible ladder is the perfect compact and portable addition to every household aiming to reach high places.With superior construction, Corvids folding Telescopic ladder can be used for multipurpose uses.

The Mag Hinge feature of this portable ladder allows you to change the position of the ladder to meet your specific requirements, while the stabilizer bar at the bottom ensures additional stability and support. The industrial-grade height-locking latches guarantee secure locking and unlocking while in use. The anti-skid PVC shoe feature enhances stability and ensures the Collapsible ladder stays in its extendable form without shaking or wobbling while in use.

However, to ensure a smooth user experience and user safety, there are some do’s and don'ts that one should follow while using a telescopic ladder. Some of them are discussed in the points below:

Do’s for Aluminium Telescopic Ladder

Telescopic ladder Dos

  • Make sure that the folding ladder is fully extended and locked in safely before climbing it. These adjustable aluminum ladders present a locking feature, allowing the user to choose the desired height. However, one must ensure that the ladder is extended to the full desired height and is locked perfectly.
  • To ensure that the ladder is placed on a level surface. When in a hurry, or newly constructed location, people generally do not find a smooth surface, and they tend to climb the ladder to home on a slightly uneven surface, increasing the chances of accidents significantly. Hence, ensuring the placement of the ladder on the leveled surface is of utmost importance.
  • Do inspect the ladder before using it for any visible damage or wear and tear. One must always check the ladder for any damage, wear, or tear, before using it. If any damage is found, one can always claim the warranty.
  • Do wear slip-resistant shoes while using the ladder. The retractable ladder is provided with anti-slip PVC shoes in the ladder base, ensuring the safety of the user. However, added protection can be ensured by the user, by wearing slip-resistant shoes, while working with Telescopic Ladders.
  • Do hold onto the ladder with both hands while climbing up or down. Multitasking is good, but if done during climbing the ladder, can prove to be dangerous. One must ensure to concentrate all the focus, one thing at a time.
  • Do use the ladder in a well-lit area. Garages, Storage areas, at home and in industries are generally devoid of good lighting. However, one must always use an external source of light or brighter lights, to ensure maximum visibility and thus lesser chances of accidents.
  • Do maintain three points of contact with the ladder at all times, i.e., two feet and one hand, or two hands and one foot. The three-point pattern is the most stable and efficient pattern adopted by humans. This concept, when applied with a telescopic ladder proves to be useful too. Thus, Maintaining the support of both the legs and one arm is of utmost essential, when performing taks using the other hand.

Don’ts For Aluminium Telescopic ladder

Telescopic Ladder don'ts

  • Don't use the ladder near power lines or electrical equipment. The construction of an outdoor ladder from aluminum generates sturdiness and corrosion resistance, however, it comes with its downside too, the primary being the electric conductance. Metal ladders are not the safest option, to be used near electrical poles. One must be cautious to avoid any contact with electric sources.
  • Don't lean the ladder against an unstable surface such as a window or a gutter. One must always ensure the support of a rigid and stable surface while leaning the ladder. Any unstable or unsturdy surface can disturb the balance, and thus can prove to be harmful to the safety of the user.
  • Don't stand on the top rungs of the ladder or overreach while using it. One must always keep the height of the target in mind, before choosing the ladder for outdoor use. If the height of the ladder is less compared to the height of the shelf, avoid scooping over the top rugs, as it may lead to disruption of balance, and cause a potential accident. 
  • Don't use the ladder if it is damaged, or broken or if any of its parts are missing. One must always ensure that the ladder is present in perfect condition, without any damage, thus preventing any accident.
  • Don't use the ladder in adverse weather conditions such as high winds or rain. Heavy winds can cause the ladder to sway, which can make it difficult to maintain balance and control. Rain can also make the ladder slippery, making it challenging to grip and hold onto, which can increase the risk of falls. Using the ladder in adverse conditions can lead to disbalance.
  • Don't allow more than one person to climb the ladder at the same time. Allowing more than one person to climb a ladder at the same time can also increase the likelihood of collisions or accidental pushing, which can cause the ladder to become unstable or tip over. Therefore, it's essential to follow this caution and allow only one person at a time to climb the ladder.

Which is the Ideal Folding Ladder for you?

Whether you are required to change light bulbs, clean high ceiling windows indoors, want to accomplish tasks such as pruning tress, or repairing roofs, a 9 feet to 10 feet portable aluminum ladder is the perfect fit for you.

A 12 feet to 15 feet Aluminium Telescopic Ladder is best for serving the purposes in construction sites, warehouses and factories. The lightweight and portability make it ideal for outdoor work, allowing easy transportation from one location to another.

Installing drywalls and ceiling tiles can be made easy using multipurpose ladder, combining the property of step ladder and extension ladder, in one! The access to high areas, such as ceiling, walls and roofs make it an ideal tool for all your wall painting, cleaning and repair purposes.

If you are aspiring to reach height, and want the added safety along the process, then a 15 feet  Aluminium Double Telescopic Ladder (A-Type Ladder) is a match made in heaven for you! The “A” shape present in the ladder, helps in providing the added safety, allowing better compliance and easier functionality. This 2 in 1 aluminum telescopic ladder can be used to access height up to 7 feet while folded, and 15 feet, when fully extended!

Correspondingly, in the same manner, you can also select a 20 feet telescopic ladder according to the requirement of the operation. It can be used for reaching high ceiling and balconies, and can be accessed even by firefighters, forest workers , wood loggers and industrial workers.
Don't let height limit your potential! 


It's important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of all Collapsible ladder and evaluate them carefully before making a decision. By taking a balanced and thoughtful approach, we can make the most of a situation and avoid the potential pitfalls that may arise.

By following these dos and don'ts, one can safely and effectively use a telescopic ladder for any task requiring height access, for No task is too high now!

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